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Updated: Mar 7, 2023


Our Top 10 Salon Retail Products

We here at SY Salons are passionate about our Schwarzkopf products and wanted to share with you our favourites, used in our out of town salon SY2 and our Shrewsbury town center salon, SY1 Hair.

Glossy, smooth, maneagable, lucious, bouncy and shiny to name just a few Superlatives that perfectly describe some of our Schwarzkopf products used in the salons.

Below are some quotes from our stylists about some of their favourite Schwarzkopf products...

1. BC Collagen volume boost mousse...

"love its hold without the stickiness"- Julia

2. BC Miracle oil ....

"Amazing shine and softness"- Hollie

3. BLONDE ME Toning spray....

"A little bottle of magic"

4. OSIS FLATLINER heat defence spray....

"Fab heat protection for your styling needs" Satie

5. BC COLOUR FREEZE shampoo ....

"Sulphate free with micellar water, gorgeous"- Julia

6. BC HYALURONIC moisture shampoo....

"Does what it says on the label"- Julia

7. OIL ULTIME mediterranean finishing oil...

"smells and looks delicious"

8. OSIS POWDER CLOUD spray....

"weightless and flexible, it's a dream!"

9. BLONDE ME glaze mist ...

"leaves hair smooth, soft and manageable"- Alison

10. TAME AND WILD anti frizz cream....

"perfecting and smoothing your curls "- Ashley

-SY hair salons XOXO

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