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Salon Q&A

Frequently asked questions for our stylists:

Q. Will layers make my hair look thin?

A. Due to the nature of layers, ie removal of weight, the hair will appear thinner.

Removing just the right amount will create more volume, so have a consultation with your stylist to discuss what's best for you.

Q. Will a fringe suit my face?

A. It all depends on face shape and the cut of the fringe. Longer shaped faces suit heavier fringes, as it makes the face smaller or shorter. Oval face shapes tend to get away with most styles. Heart shaped faces rock the wispy bangs. Again, a chat with your stylist is always best before making a decision.

Q. How often do I need to trim my hair?

A. A trim every 6-8 weeks will keep hair strong and healthy.

Q. Is dry shampoo bad for my hair?

A. Not always, it can be a real life saver in a pinch, but don't over use as it can sit on the scalp. This causes blocked follicles, leading to scalp problems and potential hair loss in the long run.

Q. Should I be using a certain shampoo for my coloured hair?

A. Absolutely! Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair lessens colour fade and promotes good condition. For example, Professional silver shampoo for highlighted hair keeps your blonde looking fresh. Pop into our salons to talk to our stlyists about the products we have on offer!

Q. Does a cold water rinse make your hair shiny?

A. Yes, cold water smooths the hair cuticle down, however conditioner is critical for nourishing the hair.

Q. Does a silk pillow help with tangling & frizzy hair?

A. Yes, over time it can help strengthen hair. This is due to the fact it helps with hair moisture retention. The silk reduces friction on the hair and lessens any tangling of hair, thus reducing breakage.

Q. How do I protect my hair in the summer?

A. Use a U.V spray just like you would to protect your skin. Use it before and after exposure to sun. We also recommend deep conditioning treatments to help with sun damage. Our absolute favourite is the Schwarzkopf BC sun protect spray.

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