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Updated: Sep 24, 2022


This season, hair is for the most part, light, airy and very natural.

It's all about working with your hair's own natural texture and shape to create an 'undone' relaxed and fresh vibe for 2022.

Music to a lot of peoples ears I imagine!


The Big Blowout

Big Blowout

A big, bouncy blowdry to create volume and sass is all the rage. You can dress it down with casual clothes for the day time, or put on your little black dress for glamorous evening wear.

Either way, it is the perfect way to end your hair appointment with us at either SY1 Hair on Dogpole or SY2 the Salon on Conway Drive.

The Mixie


Pixie x Mullet, a crssover you never saw coming, combining wearability and edginess to create a unique look.

This is almost like a grown out pixie cut, very on trend this season- you'd be the height of fashion in Shrewsbury ;)

The French Bob

French Bob

This old favourite has been around for a while, but is now taking on a new lease of life for the summer.

This is a classic cut that will never go out of style.

Wear with sheek sleek middle parting or one of many types of bangs popular now.

The Boy Bob

A striking bob, cut to jawline length and very big with Chanel on the catwalk this year.

An ideal style for hair that lacks weight and is poker straight. Pop into one of our Shrewsbury salons for a consultation.

Boy Bob

Can be tucked casually behind the ear- a perfect style during the summer heat.

Classic Bob

Major revival this season due to the excitement of the Boy Bob and the French Bob.

Classic Bob

Try with middle parting , slicked down with plenty of gloss and shine.

70's Blonde

Root stretch with Balayage.

Allows your colour to go that little bit longer thanks to this low maintenance do. A gorgeous dark root stretch with a creamy blonde mid length and ends.

70's Blonde

Great on hair past shoulder length with some long layers falling naturally.

"I woke up like this" Hair

"I woke up like this"

If you aren't a fan of using heat on your hair or just don't have the time then this style is for you!

Fabulous for naturally fine hair, just leave it to airdry and embrace your hair's natural texture.

Can be used in conjunction with an airdry cream product.

Warm Ginger

Warm Ginger

Balayage warm red/orange/auburn tones with some softer cooler blonde tones to create a natural effortless look.

Don't forget to come in for your colour consultation and patch test beforehand.

Bottle Neck Bangs

Choppy, textured low maintenance style fringe with some shorter choppy pieces in the centre getting longer towards the side of the face

Bottleneck Bangs

Named due to the gorgeous shape it creates around the face, creating a flattering contour.

Wolf cuts and Shullets

What? We hear you cry! Shullet is a hybrid of The Shag and The Mullet, a softer Mullet if you will. Not for the faint hearted but a very unqique and fashionable look!


The Wolf cut is a mix between vintage Shag and slight Mullet. It's a 70s x 80s mash up.

The Wolf cut tends to have ultra short areas around the hairline, including choppy bangs.

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